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Webinar: Virtual collaboration: best practices…

Virtual collaboration: best practices from the field of design thinking

Strategy & Innovation

08 05 20

Can we, all from the confines of our crib, reproduce the magic of transdisciplinary collaboration–a group, a space, Post-It Notes and a white sheet of paper, moderated by a coach? The answer is, as always: "Yes, but ..."

In recent months we switched to a fully virtual approach. Teething problems, drawbacks and unexpected possibilities included. We activated communication tools such as Zoom, Teams and Skype. We explored market consultation tools such as Poll Everywhere and Buffle. And online collaboration tools such as MIRO and MURAL are now in constant use for training, workshops and concrete projects.

This webinar, hosted by Remco Lenstra, Academic Director Design Thinking, is not a ready-made lesson with a slick slide deck but a 60-minute walk-through of the methods and tools we use at AMS and the tricks and smart hacks we have developed along the way to keep the engine of innovation running.

Date & time: May 8th 2020, 2PM-3PM

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