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Roland Ettema, PhD

Roland Ettema, PhD

Function Professor data sciences

Roland Ettema received his PhD in 2017 with the work "Using Triangulation in Lean Six Sigma to explain quality problems - An enterprise engineering perspective".

He has been teaching at Antwerp Management School since 2018, in the Executive Master in Enterprise IT Architecture. In addition, he is also a visiting professor at Nyenrode Business University and is graduation supervisor (Econometrics / Datascience @ School of Business and Economics)Graduation supervisor (Econometrics / Datascience @ School of Business and Economics) at Maastricht University.

Since 2021 he works for the Open University Flanders and the Netherlands, as manager of the information expertise center. In his role as the information manager of the OU, he supports the organization in transforming its education with predictive analytics to improve the student's experience, employee engagement, and operational efficiency. In his role as a senior researcher in the OU, he studies data science from a smart service perspective to address the business value of a data-driven business.