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December 08, 2017

Antwerp Management School Professor’s Nespresso case wins global prize

Antwerp Management School strategy expert Jamie Anderson has been announced as the winner of The Case Centre Award for the world’s best strategy and general management case study for 2017. He will receive the Award on Thursday December, 7.

Jamie Anderson, Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management, scooped the prize for best strategy and general management case, with a case study based on Nespresso. The case was co-authored by Nader Tavassoli, Professor of Marketing at London Business School and Research Associate, Mark Collins.

Professor Anderson said: “Almost everyone has some experience with Nespresso as a brand and a product. This adds to the quality and liveliness of the discussion in the classroom. The growth and continuing success of Nespresso is a fascinating story, and we are delighted to receive this International Award.”

A rich case

Although Nestlé as a company was unable to prevent ‘copycats’ from entering the market that it created, Nespresso’s management have actually been very effective in sustaining the firm’s competitive advantage.

The winning case focuses on 2012, a moment in the iconic coffee brand’s history when many of its patents were set to expire, and a recent legal case against one generic coffee capsule maker had already gone against Nestlé. Its competitors were lining up to undercut the Nespresso capsules with lower-cost alternatives.

The case explores the challenge that faced Nespresso’s CEO Richard Girardot: how to both defend and grow the Nespresso franchise, evolving the business model while fighting off ‘copycat’ brands.

The Case Centre is dedicated to advancing the case method worldwide, sharing knowledge, wisdom and experience to inspire and transform business education across the globe. It holds the world’s largest and most diverse collection of management cases, articles and teaching materials, including the collections of leading business schools across the globe.

For the past 18 years, Professor Anderson has advised and taught executives from around the world. He is Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management at Antwerp Management School, and Visiting Professor at some of the world’s top graduate management schools. Jamie has been named as a “management guru” in the Financial Times, and has also been included on a list of the world’s “top 25 management thinkers” by the journal Business Strategy Review.

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