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Laying of the foundation stone on the…

December 15, 2016

Laying of the foundation stone on the Boogkeerssite

In 2018 Antwerp Management School is moving to the Boogkeerssite at Mechelseplein. On Thursday December 1, the first stone was laid for the new building. The laying of the foundation stone happened through soilmixing by De Smet Group.

Soilmixing is a technique in which dirt is mixed with water and cement. The milling cutter is put 9 meters deep in the ground and creates a tub of the mixture in which 2 steal elements are positioned. This way, a wall is created around the entire terrain, which will become the foundation of the building. Watch the video to get a closer look at how everything transpired!

A new phase

Geert Vyncke, project leader: ‘This is a joyful moment. Until now we have strictly been doing demolition work on the site. For Antwerp Management school, the laying of the foundation stone is quite the milestone. It is the first step in the construction process. Going forward, our planning is getting very concrete; the development is really about to take off.’

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