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Omar Mohout appointed as chairman valorisation…

March 16, 2017

Omar Mohout appointed as chairman valorisation board VITO

Omar Mohout is a well known name in the start-up scene. His expertise in the upscale of start-ups is gobally recognised. He provides companies with a perspective, gained by hands-on building and scaling of startups. At Sirris, the collective centre for and by the technological industry, Omar is active as Growth Engineer, sharing his knowledge with the industry. He is also Professor Entrepreneurship at the Antwerp Mangement School and Solvay Business School of economics and management.

In view of his expertise, VITO invited Omar Mohout as chairman of the valorisation board. The general management of Sirris approved this proposal. Following this approval, the formal appointment took place on 6 March, at VITO, during the March meeting of the valorisation board.

Walter Eevers: “We are very pleased that Omar has accepted the invitation to chair VITO’s valorisation board. His experience as a serial entrepreneur, his knowledge of the start-up ecosystem and his (social) network will be beneficial to VITO Tech Transfer Office. It will enable us to valorise VITO’s know-how with even more impact.”

Omar Mohout: “I am very honoured to take on the role of chairman of VITO’s valorisation board. VITO has considerable expertise in the area of cleantech, which is getting more and more attention in the world of venturing. I certainly see a number of areas with the potential of a cross-fertilisation between the world of cleantech at VITO and the digital world I am familiar with.”

We wish Omar all the best in his new challenge.

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