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May 01, 2017

How does your workplace affect your employees’ productivity? NNOF and Care are collaborating with Antwerp Management School to find out.

NNOF and Care (both Vebego Holding firms) are together becoming an Antwerp Management School Knowledge Partner. They are linking up with AMS’ Next Generation Work Expertise Center, which focuses principally on researching and developing a sustainable view of human resource management, work, careers and organizations. By collaborating with several partners, the Expertise Center achieves insights and finds practical solutions that filter through to many organizations. AMS has entered into a knowledge partnership with NNOF and Care to conduct research into the effects of the workplace on employees’ productivity. The collaboration, which began on May 5, 2017, will run for three years.

Bart Cambré, Associate Dean of Research and member of the Next Generation Work Expertise Center, explains the project: “Thanks to the partnership with NNOF/Care, we of Next Generation Work can build a new branch of research. There is a long tradition of research into the influence of the workplace on productivity, but it is becoming more relevant because of changes in the way work is organized; think about flexible workplaces and co-working spaces. We are looking forward to starting the research and to making a meaningful contribution to our new partner, NNOF/Care, and practice in general.”

Wim Loncke, CEO of Care, says: “NNOF/Care supports businesses in optimizing their workplaces and thereby improving their employees’ wellbeing and productivity. ‘Measurement is the key to knowledge’ is our motto, and that’s why we chose a partnership with Antwerp Management School.”

Didier Pierre, Head of PMC Holding, adds: “With a scientific basis, we can help companies do even better in creating workplaces where employees like to work and work well. We are looking forward to starting the partnership.”

Press contact

Anja Tys, Corporate Marketing Communication Manager, anja.tys@ams.ac.be
T+32 3 265 47 33 of M+32 486 494 387

Dirk Coffé , Business Development Nnofcare, dirk.coffe@vebego.com
M.+32 475 280 540

About Antwerp Management School

For over 50 years, Antwerp Management School’s high-quality management programs and research have provided a powerful impetus to economic and social activities in Belgium and beyond. As proof of its unstinting attention to the quality of its programs, AMS has received AACSB and NVAO accreditation and is included in the Financial Times’ business school rankings.

About NNOFCare

NNOF and Care are units of Vebego, a European group of service companies in the fields of cleaning, personnel services and care support.

NNOF (Nearly New Office Facilities) offers companies the chance to recycle their old office furniture. NNOF recycles and rebuilds furniture in its own workshop, using materials supplied by its clients.

Care is a cleaning company with over 1,100 motivated and well-trained cleaners across Belgium. The company has experience with specialized orders and strives for a sustainable approach. Care is actively involved in CSR.

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