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Trends Impact: Is the traditional resume…
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Trends Impact Podcast Resume
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Trends Impact: Is the traditional resume outdated? On inclusive recruitment and talent-oriented hiring with Accent and De Stuyverij

Diverse organizations experience higher creativity and innovation, but companies often struggle with inclusive recruitment, perpetuating biases and employment barriers.
Ans devos
by Ans De Vos, PhD | May 23, 2024
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Trends Impact Podcast Resume

The greater the diversity within an organization, the higher the level of creativity and innovation. But despite good intentions, companies often fail to recruit inclusively and create a diverse workplace. Moreover, traditional recruitment methods maintain biases and barriers to employment. A new perspective on recruiting is therefore needed.

In this episode, Eefje Cottenier (De Stuyverij) and Pieter Ugille (Accent) explain how they approach inclusive recruiting and working. Their insights are complemented by Ans De Vos (AMS) and Serafine Vandebuerie (PwC).

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