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Executive Master in Public Management

Master in Public Management


This program is designed for leading and policy supporting government professionals. You acquire profound insights into the diverse aspects of government management, get to know the most recent research findings and are able to test these to the theory and experiences of others. Furthermore you will actively develop your leadership skills. You become a government official acting through knowledge, insights and creativity.

Learning objectives

  • A broad and thorough knowledge of the most recent management methods and techniques;
  • Recognize policy challenges independently and in group, analyze them, report on them verbally and in writing, and contribute significantly to their solution;
  • Develop solutions for public policy challenges, test these critically (on an ethical, societal and legal level), argue them, and have them accepted;
  • Perform and excel in leadership and facilitating (staff) positions at the diverse levels of government.

"We now look differently and better at ourselves and the organizations within which we work. Right now, we have more tools to critically build a strong and sustainable government and society."

— Josti Gadeyne, Communication & fundraising coordinator, Dierenartsen Zonder Grenzen


Master in Public Management is a master-after-master program recognized by the government. Upon successful completion of the Master Projects and the assignments you will be awarded the degree “Master in Public Management”. The program is NVAO accredited.


This master’s degree is designed for leading and policy supporting government professionals, professionals working in social profit sector and independent government companies

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A question about this program?