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Postgraduate Public & Social Profit Management

Postgraduate Public & Social Profit Management - Overview


In a social context with constant change, there is increasing pressure in the public & social profit sector to implement policies in an efficient manner. With fewer resources, a constantly changing legislation and civilians making more demands, managers in public and social profit sectors are faced with big challenges.

Antwerp Management School wants to send a powerful impulse to professionalization in public instances and social profit organizations, embedded in a social awareness perspective, by providing practice-based courses customized to the specific management needs of the sector.

What is a postgraduate?

A postgraduate degree is a study program organized by colleges and universities of at least 20 credits and follows a Bachelor's or Master's degree. The intention is further professional training and a broadening or deepening of the acquired competences. With this program, we do not focus on recent graduates, but on professionals with experience.

Sector specific postgraduates

At AMS you can follow three sector-specific postgraduates, whereby we start from an academically supported theoretical framework, but focus on practical cases and applicable knowledge. The input from the group and the mutual exchange of knowledge is very important. In addition, there is an important focus on the unique personal leadership trajectory, which goes deeper into your personal development and helps you gain insight into your leadership style and how this can possibly be done differently. You can follow the general program or opt for a specialization in Culture Management or Management in Care.

Learning objectives

After attending this program:

  • you are able to put your own experiences into a broader perspective;
  • you are able to pass on the acquired knowledge in your organization and contribute to future developments;
  • you are able to function with more knowledge and you can assess principles, decisions and points-of-view based on internal and external input;
  • you have sharpened and improved your personal management skills: your leadership skills will be deepened and broadened.


Participants who complete the full course will have several evaluation moments. There is an evaluation moment for every module. This can be a classic exam, a paper, a case study or a group presentation. If you pass these tests, you will be awarded a certificate ‘Postgraduate course Public and Social Profit Management’ from the Antwerp Management School.

Target group

This Dutch course is designed for staff members from public and social profit sectors who want to increase their management expertise, develop further and gain a broader perspective on the organization. Participants work in municipalities, social services, schools, cities, small and large non-profit organizations, Flemish governmental institutions, hospitals, care centers, etc.

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A question about this program?