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Inspirational leadership: from charisma to impact
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Leiderschap charisma

Inspirational leadership: from charisma to impact

How do you inspire people to work together toward a common goal? Don't panic, you don't have to be a charismatic hero to do it (unless that's your style, of course). Anyone can incorporate leadership, as long as you do it from your own story.

(This webinar is in Dutch.)
Karen Wouters
by Karen Wouters, PhD | June 7, 2023
Leiderschap charisma

In summary:

During this webinar, we pull open the thinking on leadership. Through short exercises, you'll explore from your story how to get people moving. It is a process of claiming and getting leadership, of getting your own aspirations clear, of mapping and influencing the playing field of stakeholders. We let you experience:

  • how leadership is more than inspiring communication;
  • what your story as a leader could be;
  • who your stakeholders are and which players deserve attention;
  • what tactics you can use to influence these players.

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