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Learn to dance with finance: get more out of the…
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Learn to dance with finance: get more out of the numbers

The best things in life don't let themselves be quantified.... But when it comes to business decisions, you better do. Therein lies the power of finance: by bringing together the right data you can make informed decisions for your organization.

(This webinar is in Dutch.)
Molly Vincent
by Vincent Molly, PhD | June 14, 2023
Dance with finance 1

In summary:

Still, professionals with a non-economic or non-financial background often see finance as very complex. But you don't have to be an expert to get started. During this webinar you will gain more insight into a number of essential financial concepts. You will learn to 'dance' with finance and discover:

  • why finance doesn't have to be boring or complex;
  • how you can easily take the right steps in it;
  • how you can get illuminating insights from concepts such as gross margin, cash flow and financial leverage.

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