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De Boogkeers

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In September 2018 Antwerp Management School moved from campus 't Brantijser to the building "Boogkeers". The "Boogkeers" is an historical building that was completely renovated by HUB Architects.

The building is partially new (located at Vleminckveld 51 and Boogkeers 1-5). The right part, the building on Lange-Gasthuisstraat 32-34 has been renovated and restored to its historic state. The left part is newly built and is an airy unit that carries on the rhythm of the adjoining restored building. The open house philosophy, so typical for AMS, fully takes shape in this new building.

The renovated Boogkeers is a sustainable, socially responsible building with respect for its historic value.


Follow Eva Peeters on her campus tour

The AMS campus can be found in the vibrant heart of the city. Follow Eva Peeters on her walk around our campus! She shows you around all parts of the building & reveals her favorite spots.

How our philosophy is shown in our campus

Steven de Haes, Decaan of AMS, Geert Vyncke, managing director of AMS van 2017 tot 2020 and Koen Drossaert, HUB architecten talk about how our philosophy is shown in our building.

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