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Boogkeers Check-In

Boogkeers Check-In

At the Boogkeers Campus safety and health are our highest priority. That is why we set up a contact tracing process on campus level. For the purpose of tracking and tracing we request :

  • every student/participant and staff member to scan the QR code that is available per room;
  • visitors to register at the reception and scan the QR code at the reception desk.
  • to fill out all requested personal data.

Each and every one of us is jointly responsible and contributes to the well-being of our campus community and the society through appropriate behavior. Together we strive to create an environment in which low risk contacts are the starting point. In this way, we can help to prevent the spread of the virus.

Privacy policy

  • Your data are managed confidentially by the Boogkeers Campus COVID Alert Coordinator for the sole purpose of contact tracing and will be deleted automatically after one month.
  • If there has been a high or low risk contact, the Boogkeers Campus COVID Alert Coordinator will contact you without revealing the personal details of the positive identified COVID-19 person.
  • Antwerp Management School, who is in charge of the Boogkeers Campus management, only reports on the number of COVID-19 incidents and high and low risk contacts without exchanging any personal identity information.