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Webinar: Sustainable HRM: 4 strong trends and…

Webinar: Sustainable HRM: 4 strong trends and insights

Human Resources

10 05 23

Over the past 10 years, the range of duties of an HR manager has changed considerably. Companies now expect HR managers to provide business insights, think proactively about strategy and keep up with the latest trends. How on earth can anyone live up to those expectations?

During this webinar, Prof. Dr. Peggy De Prins, Prof. Dr. Ans De Vos and Prof. Dr. Lou Van Beirendonck will zoom in on relevant trends, underpinned by the very latest insights and research results. They will enter into a live dialogue with each other and with you, about:

  • The do’s-and-don’ts of performance management
    Can continuous feedback replace the evaluation cycle? Which performance management practices motivate and contribute to retention? Can we still set expectations in employees? And how can ‘setting expectations’ in employees reduce stress?

  • The importance of a sustainable exit strategy and relationship with former coworkers
    Does it still pay off as an organization to invest in sustainable relationships with former employees? What are the benefits of a sustainable exit?

  • The expectation of job satisfaction
    Is it realistic to expect that we can be passionate, driven and happy at work every single day?

  • § Cross-generational collaboration
    How can 4 to 5 generations work together in a constructive way? Are there any mutual expectations? What is the importance of a warm transfer to the next generation? How do we offer opportunities to young people and how can we coach and engage them?

About the speakers

Prof. Dr. Lou Van Beirendonck has been associated with Antwerp Management School for more than 20 years. For several years how, he has been Program Director of the Master Class in HRM and Professor of HRM in several master programs and master classes at Antwerp Management School.

Prof. Dr. Ans De Vos is full Professor at Antwerp Management School and part-time Professor at the University of Antwerp. As holder of the SD Worx Chair “Next Generation Work: Creating Sustainable Careers” she is active full-time in the domains of careers, employability and sustainable career management.

Prof. Dr. Peggy De Prins is Professor at Antwerp Management School and a pioneer in the field of sustainable employment relationships and sustainable HRM. She teaches and conducts research on these topics and also coaches organizations and their stakeholders in their pursuit of (more) constructive partnerships and sustainable HRM.

Practical information

Date: Wednesday May 10, 2023

Through this webinar you'll get to know our Master Class HRM.