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Kirsten Vanderplanken, PhD

Kirsten Vanderplanken, PhD

Function Researcher 'Next Generation Work'

Kirsten Vanderplanken is a senior researcher at Antwerp Management School. Her background in various research fields (agri-food, sustainability, public health, disaster preparedness, future of work) allows her to translate a wide range of scientific knowledge into new insights for organisations and HRM. Her current research includes sustainable careers in healthcare and welfare through corporate sustainable intrapreneurship, the impact of the digital transformation upon competencies and organisations, and the wellbeing of young caretakers.

Kirsten Vanderplanken holds a master degree in Sociology (University of Antwerp). In 2017 she obtained a PhD in Social Sciences (University of Antwerp/ILVO) with her thesis on the structure and culture of inter-organisational agri-food networks.