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Lorenzo Franchi
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Lorenzo Franchi

Function Researcher at Antwerp Management school in “Creating smart ecosystems”


  • Researcher at Antwerp Management school in “Creating smart ecosystems”
  • PhD student at University of Antwerp

Expertise domains:

  • Maritime transport engineering and logistics
  • Innovations and digitalization in ports
  • Smart and green ports – future of ports and logistics
  • Stakeholders mobilization and collaboration
  • New transport networks and new models of container logistics
  • Discrete choice modelling – analysis of stakeholders’ choice strategies
  • Costs and benefits of import/export maritime chain trade
  • New business models for stakeholders in smart ecosystems
  • Data analysis, consulting, organization of events


  • Flemish Government
  • VIL
  • Interreg2Seas
  • European Commission – Horizon2020 projects
  • European Union – Erasmus+ projects

Lorenzo has been a researcher at Antwerp Management School since March 2021.

He obtained a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering and a master's degree in Transport Systems Engineering at La Sapienza University of Rome.In his previous professional experience, he worked as a consultant at PwC Italy in the transport and logistics department.

Currently, at AMS, he works in the field of creating smart ecosystems. His research in this area focuses on the digital development and innovation of port logistics systems and on making the users of this industry aware of and ready for the changes of Industry 4.0.

He combines his work as a researcher with his work as a PhD student at the Department of Transport and Regional Economics of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Antwerp. His doctoral research is oriented towards the implementation of discrete choice models to study the behaviour and choices of port stakeholders when using new transport and logistics networks.

He has knowledge in transport and logistics (air, sea, road and rail) with technical and engineering references. The work experience so far has allowed him and is currently allowing him to develop personal skills in networking, communication, leading and creativity in project management and collaboration with various international partners. He has also acquired technical and hard skills like use of several software and analysis tools.

Lorenzo is a positive, curious person and loves sport, swimming in particular. He believes that travelling, talking to people, making new acquaintances and seeing the world are the key to feeling good in life.