The aim of the KMO-portefeuille is to make education, knowledge transfer, advice and innovation accessible for – mainly the Flemish – SMEs. By means of the KMO-portefeuille entrepreneurs can receive financial support when registering for a study program or consultancy services.

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How to apply for the KMO-portefeuille

STEP 0  Register on the KMO-portefeuille website as a company with your federal token or electronic identity card. Sidenote: the Flemish government will send you all information to the mail adress you entered, also if that person is ill or absent, so you are advised to take a more general mail adress
STEP 1 Submit the application for the financial support. The deadline for the application is 14 calendar days after the start of the program. For this you need your NACE code, which can be found here. The accreditation number of Antwerp Management School is DV.O105728.
STEP 2 Deposit your share of the entry fee. Take into account the payment terms of your banking company.
STEP 3 Pay the invoice from your share in the KMO-portefeuille. Fill in the payment form. The balance of your portefeuille consists of your own share plus the grant. You will now have to indicate which amount of money you wish to use for the payment of the invoice.

About the KMO-portefeuille

From the 1st of April 2016 a new regulation in terms of the KMO-portefeuille applies. A simplified approach and regulation should further encourage and support Flemish KMO’s with professionalisation. But what changes precisely?

In short:
  • Simplified subdivision: advice and education
  • Increased subsidy limit
  • Small entreprises: 40% support, maximum of 10 000 euros
  • Medium entreprises: 30% support, maximum of 15 000 euros
  • Growth subsidy: 25 000 euros
  • Automated and simplified process

Simplified subdivision

The most important change is a simplified subdivision of the options. Where formerly a distinction was made between the different sorts of advice – technology scouting, strategic advice and international entrepreneurship – this is now simplified. You can decide for yourself which amount of money you wish to spend on which of these aspects, and how you wish to divide the total amount of available money according to your own needs.

How much can you receive?

The available amount of money, the so-called subsidy limit, was considerably raised, and depends on the size of your entreprise. Small entreprises can now receive subsidies for up to 40% of the fee of the study programs and advice, with a maximum of 10 000 euros. For medium entreprises this is a subsidy of 30% with a maximum of 15 000.

The size of your entreprise is determined during the first grant application in the calendar and budget year. Small entreprises have less than 50 fulltime employees and a maximum turnover or balance sheet total of 10 million euros. Medium entreprises have less than 250 employees and a maximum revenue of 50 million euros, or a balance sheet total of maximum 43 million euros.

More practical information you can find here