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20th anniversary of the AMS Executive MBA Moscow…

May 17, 2018

20th anniversary of the AMS Executive MBA Moscow program

On May 17, a reception was held at the residence of the Belgian Ambassador in Russia to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Antwerp Management School Executive MBA Moscow program. Belgian Ambassador to Russia Jean-Arthur Régibeau invited all 700 alumni of the program to his home for the celebration.

The Antwerp Management School Executive MBA Moscow program is one of the two parallel Executive MBA streams of Antwerp Management School (AMS) and offers an elite international management education for managers of Western and Russian companies. The AMS Executive MBA in Moscow is a co-operation between the Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow) of the Presidential Academy (RANEPA) and Antwerp Management School (AMS) of the University of Antwerp.

150 of our alumni were accompanied by Sergey Myasoedov (Vice-Rector of the Russian Presidential Academy, Dean of IBS-Moscow, and President of the Russian Association of Business Education), Academic Directors of the AMS Executive MBA Moscow program Mikhail Zaitsev (IBS-Moscow) and Koen Vandenbempt (AMS). In addition, the first academic program director Lilian Van Hoof, the dean of Antwerp Management School, Paul Matthyssens and the business director of the AMS EMBA Peter Rafferty joined as well.

In his welcoming remarks Sergey Myasoedov said: “We started this program in 1998 and have not just survived, we are thriving: the program is actively developing and in high demand, thanks to our emotional involvement and agile project management. We learned from the leadership, adaptability and flexibility of the outstanding business school Antwerp Management School and are further developing our ability to train and educate business professionals. I am happy that we have been working as one team all along and have reached over 700 alumni. These alumni have important positions in Russian and wider global businesses. They have built and continue to strengthen bridges between our business cultures.” Sergey Myasoedov thanked the Belgian Ambassador and all his colleagues for their efforts and wished them good luck and further success.

As part of the reception, the alumni of the program related about their impressions of the training. Among them: Andrei Bychenko (Project Director at GE Healthcare), Natalia Makarochkina (Senior Vice President of IT Business at Schneider Electric in Russia and the CIS), Svetlana Tolkacheva (Deputy Governor of the Bank of Moscow) and Zhanna Bukharina (Director for Development of Sales Competence at PepsiCO). Graduates highly appreciated the knowledge gained with the program and noted that it helped them tremendously not only to move up the career ladder, but also in life.

The Executive MBA program at Antwerp Management School provides an international management education for managers of Western and Russian companies. The program modules are held in Guangzhou (China), Boston (MIT, USA) and Antwerp (Belgium). The first edition of this program in Moscow was delivered in March 1998. At that time, the joint program of IBS-Moscow and AMS was the first and only Executive MBA program in Russia. In addition, it was the only program where students could obtain a diploma of a top European business school.

Antwerp Management School has two prestigious international accreditations – AACSB and AMBA. In addition, the school has the accreditation of Benelux NVAO, which allows the issuance of a state diploma in Belgium, in particular the Executive MBA program.

Since 2012, the program has been included and highly ranked in the Financial Times rating of the top 100 best Executive MBAs in the world. This is one of only two Executive MBA programs in Russia to be included in the Financial Times rating. It is the highest ranked international EMBA in Belgium and Russia and has been since 2012.

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