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This program is taught in English

About the program

Our EMBA is designed for all academic and professional backgrounds, women and men of all nationalities and all sectors. We focus on developing your technical business knowledge on top of your ability to understand leadership, communication skills and strategic thinking. Our emphasis is on preparing you for an international career through intensive multicultural modules in Guangzhou, China and at MIT in the U.S.A. 

Learning objectives

After attending this EMBA:

  • you have a solid understanding of all the functional areas of global business;
  • You can bring extra value to your current position when applying the best practices and frameworks in your day-to-day work;
  • you have a corporate reflection and can create a holistic approach to business challenges;
  • you have developed internal consultancy skills and change-agent capabilities;
  • you are part of a solid network of friends and partners in the business.




  • The EMBA is a carefully integrated cycle of learning, taking you through different phases from laying foundations to analysis and integration.
  • To get the conceptual knowledge under your skin, teaching methods include workshops, case studies, simulations, real-life projects, and team and independent work.
  • The second year will challenge you on a more strategic level, resuming in a Master Consultancy Project, a consultancy report embedded in a theoretical framework.
  • To further enhance your global perspective you’ll partly study in the U.S.A., China and Antwerp. The residencies include lectures, company visits and debates with business leaders, exposing you to international business strategies and developing your intercultural competence of working in culturally diverse teams and organizations.
  • Personal Development includes seven individual executive coaching sessions with certified coaches.

More information can be found in the downloadable brochure.


Profile of past editions

Female 20%
Male 80%
Average age 36

  • Engineering profile: 22%
  • Economic profile: 8%
  • Scientific profile: 4%
  • Social profile: 4%
  • Health profile: 4%
  • Legal profile: 4%
  • Other: 54%

Education Average highest degree: Master


The master’s degree ‘Master of Business Administration’ is officially recognized by the Flemish Community and will be awarded upon successful completion of the program. The program is AACSB, AMBA and NVAO accredited.

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