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Why AMS?

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Why AMS?

The Executive MBA at Antwerp Management School is so much more than just another master’s degree. Our EMBA stands for academic knowledge as well as personal skills development, for a comprehensive international experience as well as better career opportunities, for global friendships for life as well as personalized attention. This EMBA will make you a very complete person ready to face today’s challenges and not afraid to go after new opportunities. Here are 10 very good reasons to join our EMBA:

10 reasons to start your EMBA at AMS

1. A truly international education

You are given a solid academic base with a link to practical experience. You discover new insights and tools that you can apply in your own organization. Our faculty has both academic expertise and practical knowledge, as well as solid affinity/experience with the public and social profit sector.

We develop leaders within a dynamic international business context, tapping into a global business community with access to global resources for your future career. During your MBA program you will visit China and the USA and work intensively with EMBA students from Russia, China, the USA and European countries.

Our number 1 international EMBA position in the Financial Times ranking testifies to the international leadership dominance of our EMBA, which will enable you to expand your own MBA network globally. Such a profound advantage is simply not available at locally or regionally focused MBA programs.

2. The Personal Development Program

Academic knowledge is important, but tomorrow’s leaders also need to rely on personal qualities to succeed in business as well as in life. Our Personal Development Program helps you to become the best version of yourself and includes Deep Development Residential Modules as well as personal coaching.

“AMS helped me to find my balance and to feel more energized as the program evolved. I saw myself becoming more confident and assertive in my job and life, and I appreciate so much this opportunity to become a better me”

— Changyong, 2016

3. Core modules

The core modules of our EMBA provide you with a solid general management education, covering the entire range of management functions and business disciplines being used by millions of companies around the globe.

4. Stimulating electives

Combined with the core modules, our specialized electives will help you develop a complete skill set and give you a more versatile profile, improving your career options in a wider range of opportunities. These electives will supplement and stimulate new areas of interest or professional competence.

5. Master Consulting Project

Nothing is more exciting than working on a real project, where you can put your knowledge into practice and feel you really do make a difference. The Master Consulting Project addresses a real business problem or opportunity that EMBA students work on either individually or in group under close supervision from qualified faculty and a senior business representative.

The company will value your input as a fresh pair of eyes bringing new insights. The sense of fulfilment and pride you will experience when you present your project will give you a taste of what the future holds. The Master Consultancy Project also gives you the opportunity to shine “back at the office” demonstrating your new skill set and knowledge.

6. The Community Project

Keeping an open mind, taking a genuine interest in people of any background and contributing to a better world in general is more important than ever for successful business graduates.

The Community Project will not only improve your perspective on the consequences of your decisions, but give you a mindset that will help you become the empathic leader that today’s business world needs, one who feels responsible for environmental, social and economic sustainability.

7. Small class sizes

Our personal approach requires an environment that makes you the center of attention. Our aim is to recruit every year up to 30 qualified, ambitious participants for our Executive MBA. By keeping groups small, we ensure each participant benefits from an individual, personalized experience. A small group size ensures a close, well-informed view on the quality of academic and practical input, as well as individual participation and progress levels in the program. After all, you’re not in this EMBA to disappear into the crowd, but to stand out and proudly take your place in tomorrow’s business world.

8. The city of Antwerp

The AMS EMBA represents everything the city of Antwerp stands for: innovation, a dynamic and enterprising character and a perfect international environment to guide you towards reaching your full potential and become a successful global leader with a 21st century world view. During your study at AMS, you’ll get to know and love the city of Antwerp.

9. Financial Times Ranking

The London-based Financial Times is one of the world’s most respected school ranking organizations. It places our EMBA high up in their ranking (consistently in the top 100 in the world), which is proof yet again that AMS offers an outstanding EMBA that prepares you thoroughly for an international career. While the Financial Times methodology limits relevance to personal or leadership skills development (areas where our EMBA excels), it does provide a good analysis of several important aspects of MBA education.

We present some of the highlights of the current and recent Financial Times rankings:

  • The N° 1 international EMBA in Belgium in 2018 and this for the sixth year in a row.
  • The Antwerp EMBA is ranked N° 21 worldwide for the extent of its international content in the program.
  • Jointly ranked N° 1 for customer satisfaction in the Benelux.
  • The most senior, experienced participants in an EMBA in Belgium and in the Benelux.
  • AMS EMBA graduates enjoy the highest salary levels of EMBA graduates in the Benelux.
  • N° 1 FT ranked Belgian EMBA in 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012.
  • N°4 in the world for Corporate Social Responsibility.
The Antwerp Executive MBA continues to be the best preparation for an international career available in the BENELUX region.

10. Triple Accreditation

The EMBA at Antwerp Management School has been awarded triple accreditations from the most respected quality control bodies for MBA & EMBA programs: AACSB (U.S.A.), AMBA (UK) and NVAO (Belgium/Netherlands). You can rest assured that our EMBA is your best investment for the future.


The U.S.A.-based quality control certification for entire business schools, beyond just the programs themselves. This accreditation has been proudly held at Antwerp Management School since 2005.


The Association of MBAs, originating in the UK, specializes in quality control processes for MBA and EMBA programs worldwide. Antwerp Management School achieved this accreditation in 2015.


This is a Belgian and Dutch Business School quality certification. NVAO reports directly to the degree-granting bodies of both governments. It is essential to hold NVAO accreditation to be able to continue granting master-level degrees in either country.

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A question about this program?