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Alain Beyens succeeds Christian Leysen as…

June 16, 2016

Alain Beyens succeeds Christian Leysen as Chairman of Antwerp Management School

Alain Beyens is CEO of the Pelican Rouge Group (www.pelicanrouge.com) and was formerly active at StarBev and Anheuser-Busch InBev. Alain is a sales engineer by training, and followed the PPB program (now Executive MBA) at the IPO (Institute for Postgraduate Education, the forerunner of the current AMS).

“Under the leadership of the deans Frank Bostyn, Philip Randall and Paul Matthyssens, Antwerp Management School has really put itself on the international map over the last 12 years. In 1959, IPO took the lead in terms of innovation and new teaching methods. Now, Antwerp Management School finds itself the highest-ranked school in the Benelux for the Executive MBA and the Master of Management programs, according to the UK’s Financial Times.

This past year was a fascinating time, supplemented with the integration of Flanders Inshape into Expertise Center Business Design and Innovation, along with the Flemish Institute for Mobility later in the year. With Alain Beyens, AMS can count on an experienced manager with international experience to continue the growth of recent years, as well as to provide leadership for the school’s 2018 move to the “Boogkeers” location, says Christian Leysen.

Alain Beyens: “As a business school, AMS plays an important role not only in educating and guiding future managers, but also in the field of research and innovation. I look forward to working with Paul Matthyssens and his team on the further development of the school.”

Paul Matthyssens, Dean of the Antwerp Management School: “I am delighted with this powerful role change at the Board. With our expertise in the areas of leadership, human resources, corporate responsibility and strategic management, among others, we are quite busy. Mobility, business design and innovation are now added to this expertise. Helping businesses, organizations and sectors experiencing growth and transformation is our mission. Through both core and applied research, as well as through short- and long-term training courses and customized projects: this is how Antwerp Management School helps each individual grow into a confident leader in their field, with a broad outlook and a full awareness of sustainable solutions and fundamental business values.”

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