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July 18, 2018

AMS launches an international master’s program in Fashion Management

Thanks to the rise of the ‘Antwerp Six’, towards the end of the 80s the city rose to the top of the international fashion world. Thirty years later, Antwerp is still the front-runner. Yet, the fashion industry has changed dramatically. Creativity and courage are no longer the only requirements to maintain a position at the top. Strong management and transparent insights into global and local markets are necessary as well. That is why Antwerp Management School launches a unique, international master’s program in management, tailored to the needs of the fashion industry, starting from September 2018.

With designers such as Dries Van Noten and Ann Demeulemeester, Antwerp managed to reach the international top of fashion cities at the end of the eighties. Thanks to a challenging mix of fashion education, internationally recognized designers and a city that gives unprecedented fashion talent a place, Antwerp is still at the top of the business today.

Yet, the fashion landscape is changing profoundly. Where you used to get a long way with only creativity, courage and obstinacy, today you also need knowledge of global as well as local markets; insights in your customers, expertise and business models and intellectual property; and management skills in organizational, financial and logistic terms. In addition, you preferably need to be aware of the state-of-the-art trends, not only in terms of colors, fabrics and patterns, but in terms of digitalization, circular economy and ethical undertaking as well.

Antwerp Management School, versed in management and in the city of fashion, will focus on offering insights and management skills that are necessary to remain a front-runner in the fashion industry starting from academic year 2018-2019. For this unique, one-year international master’s program, Antwerp Management School will join forces with the following renowned institutions: FAAP in Sȃo Paulo (Brazil), Domus Academy in Milan and London College of Fashion in London. This way, participants will be offered an in-depth view on the international fashion industry and return home with a valuable set of knowledge, experience and contacts.

Fashion without borders: being local, going global

If you want to know more about this new program and the challenges that the fashion industry is facing, you are welcome to join us on Wednesday May 2, 2018, from 6:30 pm onwards at Antwerp Management School, Sint-Jacobsmarkt 9, Antwerp. Under the title ‘Fashion without borders: being local, going global’, you will hear the story of Claude Ampe (COO Bellerose) and you will be able to enter into a debate with ambitious fashion insiders such as Bianca Luzi (CEO Detlev, Raf Simons label), Jose Teunissen (Dean School of Design & Technology London College of Fashion) and Anna Lottesberger (Head of Fashion Cluster Domus Milan). The evening will be concluded with an exclusive glimpse of the new ‘Master in Fashion Management’ program.

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