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Antwerp Management School awarded 4 Palms as a…

February 03, 2017

Antwerp Management School awarded 4 Palms as a ‘Top Business School with Significant International Influence’

Eduniversal 2016 Business School Ranking Results: top 1000 best Business Schools include 7 Belgian Institutions

The ninth Eduniversal World Convention held in Perth, Australia, brought together 250 representatives from the world’s best business schools including Harvard Business School, London Business School, Copenhagen Business School, Melbourne Business School and Fudan University School of Management, Antwerp Management School and many more.

1000 Deans Rank the Top 1000 Best Business Schools in 154 Countries

For the ranking of the 1000 Best Business Schools, the EES selects from the thousands of institutions listed in 154 countries. The number of schools and universities allocated per country is determined according to a quota method using quantitative and qualitative criteria (macroeconomic, historical and cultural data).

Eduniversal then classifies institutions according to their international reputation at national and international level as well as by geographical zone. After their selection, the institutions are divided into five leagues or “Palmes of Excellence”. A “Palme of Excellence” level (between 1 and 5) is assigned for each of the schools selected according to the set of internationalization criteria defined by the International Scientific Committee. Their classification in their league is then determined according to the evaluation made during the Deans’ Vote Survey.

Antwerp Management School

The Dean’s Vote is an exclusive feature of the EES, in which the Deans and Directors of the 1,000 best selected global institutions give their recommendations on each of the 1,000 institutions selected from the 154 countries. The number of recommendations collected then determines their individual rankings within each “Palme of Excellence” or league. Antwerp Management is ranked second in the ‘4 Palms of excellence’ category, as a ‘Top Business School with Significant International Influence’.

Boogkeers campus AMS management school

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