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B2Bike launches Bike2Go at AMS as a smart travel…

May 05, 2017

B2Bike launches Bike2Go at AMS as a smart travel solution for the ‘Mobility Marketplace’

On May 5, 2017, B2Bike, a bicycle company for businesses in Antwerp, launched its Bike2Go travel solution. The launch took place at Antwerp Management School (AMS), situated close to the Noorderlijn road and tram project in the heart of the city. Using Bike2Go, a compact kit of two electric bicycles with GPS, AMS staff can move freely within a 15-kilometer radius. Bike2Go is the second smart transportation solution produced for the “Mobility Marketplace” on the “Smart to Antwerp” platform. A total of 10 proposals were selected for the Mobility Marketplace by a professional jury.

Bike2Go is an integrated kit of two high-quality electric bicycles and a vertical bicycle storage unit with elevator system and built-in chargers. The bicycles are one size and unisex, making them usable for all company staff. “Also, for the employer, Bike2Go is easily manageable,” says B2Bike partner Johan De Mulder. “You only pay per kilometer you ride. There is no investment or fixed cost. Bike2Go is a mobile kit and only needs 1 m² of space. We aim to have 30 Bike2Go kits in use by in big companies and institutions in Antwerp by October.”

Says Geert Vyncke, Antwerp Management School’s Managing Director, “Travel in Antwerp is much faster by bike. In previous years we have provided our staff with yellow city bikes. And now, with the reconstruction of the Leien and the Paardenmarkt, we must look again at transportation in Antwerp and around AMS. It’s only logical to put some effort into bicycles and e-bikes. On top of that, I myself love cycling. It benefits both my physical and mental fitness. I can recommend it to everyone.”

Mobility Marketplace

B2Bike’s Bike2Go is one of 10 smart transportation projects selected for Antwerp’s Mobility Marketplace program. Within that framework, “Smart to Antwerp” called on Sept. 6, 2016 for projects that would contribute to smooth, efficient and reliable passenger and freight. That could be done by letting people travel earlier or later, encouraging people to use different means of transportation or by making more efficient use of the available vehicles.

Says Koen Kennis, Antwerp’s alderman for transportation: “With this initiative we want to expand the current supply of smart transportation services to realize sustainable rush-hour avoidance and structural behavioral changes. Employers, travelers and logistics companies can go to the Mobility Marketplace to find comfortable and efficient transportation and logistics solutions. The 10 projects, six of which are focused on passenger traffic and four on logistics, can count on the city for financial support, information or professional expertise. Bike2Go is a ready-made solution for companies. This application supports the idea that cycling in a city—and to and from the city—is a smart choice as it is often faster than by car.”

For more information on the Mobility Marketplace, go to www.slimnaarantwerpen.be/en/marketplace. For a video about the Bike2Go program, go to www.biketogo.be.

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