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In Memoriam Gilbert Vandeputte

June 01, 2022

In Memoriam Gilbert Vandeputte

We are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Gilbert Vandeputte on May 12th 2022. Gilbert was Co-Founder of Vandeputte NV, Safety experts. As the youngest of 5 brothers, he graduated cum laude as a textile and chemistry engineer in 1955. After his military service, he joined the family business Vandeputte (production and distribution of personal protection equipment).

In 1958, his father passed away and Gilbert became second in command alongside his brother Leo. In 1964 he completed the post-university program business management PPB (now the EMBA of AMS). When in 1967 Leo passed away, Gilbert became CEO of Vandeputte, a position he held until 1993.

He was board member at Prebes Antwerp, Ritmica, AROP, Febelsafe, ESF, VKW Antwerp, Lions, IDEWE, and was also a judge at the Antwerp commercial court.

In 2015, Gilbert made a substantial donation to the UA professorship “Safety Management”.

In 2019, with the opening of the AMS Boogkeers campus, the Vandeputte family donated the plantings in the courtyard as a tribute to Gilbert Vandeputte. A generous gesture that we will never forget.

In the name of the AMS community, we express our condolences to the family and his loved ones. Our thoughts are with them during this difficult time.

Gilbert Vandeputte 16.08.31 – 12.05.22 (4th from the left, at the Courtyard during the Opening of the Boogkeers Ceremony in February 2019)
Boogkeers campus AMS management school

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