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Nearly half of our student base volunteered to…

October 18, 2018

Nearly half of our student base volunteered to become an ambassador for the SDGs

For the 3rd consecutive year we launched the SDG Student Ambassador Campaign and we set a new record. Nearly 100 students (almost half of our student base!) volunteered to become an ambassador for the SDGs by engaging in different projects.

This year they come up with all the projects themselves, leading to a wide array of diverse projects. There are those who want to plant trees in the cities, those who want to give workshops in vegan/vegetarian cooking and make recipe books for sustainable food, those who are occupied with waste management. Some others are very aware of the whole plastic debate and want to support Boyan Slat in his ocean cleanup through a crowdfunding campaign. Another group is going to clear beaches from plastic waste. Other groups are organizing city runs, setting up closet sales or developing and delivering training on SDGs to primary and secondary school children.

You can imagine we were proud to see so much engagement and enthusiasm amongst this next generation of future leaders.

#sustainable mindsets

Boogkeers campus AMS management school

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