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Onboarding Days Full-time Masters

September 13, 2016

Onboarding Days Full-time Masters

Our new students have arrived! September 12th, 2016 our brand new students for the Full-time Masters program officially began their adventure, in the form of “Onboarding Days”. In this interactive three-day session, they become closely acquainted with the school and our values, and experience for themselves what those values mean.

During the first day the students learned more about our value “Social Consciousness”. Under the guidance of Prof. Lars Moratis and Prof. Luc Van Liedekerke, they experience how this value leads to sustainability.

At day two they are faced with problems of complexity. In a fun and creative way, they will be introduced to the “Design Thinking” of our Competence Center Flanders Inshape. It is a way in which the effectiveness of innovation is illustrated in a constantly changing world. For AMS, this problem-solving methodology is one of the key competencies for future professionals.

After listening, it is time for action, with the students being immersed in the fascinating world of Public Speaking during the third Onboarding day. Prof. Wim Coessens and Diana Philips guided them in small groups.

In short, it is a three-day immersion where the students became acquainted with aspects of management knowledge, Antwerp Management School and the city of Antwerp.

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