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Argenta and Antwerp Management School expand…

October 06, 2022

Argenta and Antwerp Management School expand collaboration - “We want to create positive impact together”

Antwerp Management School (AMS), one of the country’s leading business schools, and Argenta, the fifth largest banking institution in Belgium, are expanding their partnership for the next three years. Going forward, Argenta will be part of the AMS corporate membership network, which currently represents a 25-strong network of companies, with dialogue and exchange of expertise as driving factors. Through learning networks, targeted networking events and a continuous deepening of knowledge and research, the members aim to create positive impact together.

Gathering new insights

Following an initial successful collaboration on HR topics with AMS’s ‘Next Generation Work’ competence centre, Antwerp Management School and Argenta are now taking things to the next level. In addition to deepening said research and exchanging expertise between the two partners, Argenta employees will henceforth also have the opportunity to hone their talents through short- and long-term training courses at AMS. Argenta will also get access to business school students at job fairs and get the chance to work with them on issues that are of concern to the company. This expanded collaboration will allow both partners to gain new insights for Argenta and its employees, and, by extension, for other organisations and society at large.

As a ‘corporate member’, Argenta will also be part of a learning network of 25 companies and the Dean’s Club. Company executives meet regularly to exchange views on current challenges in an open dialogue. Each member of the AMS corporate membership network also contributes to the Scholarship Fund, set up to allow promising students who lack the proper means to pursue an AMS education.

‘Sparring partners’ on the challenges of the future

Creating impact together — on society at large, ànd on Argenta as a company: that's what the three-year partnership between Argenta and AMS is all about. "We are delighted to be able to add a bank-insurer of Argenta’s standing to our network," says Steven De Haes, dean of Antwerp Management School. "We are happy to play the 'sparring partner' role in Argenta's current transformation journey, where new insights, training and opportunities for dialogue within the industry can contribute to a stronger market position. With this partnership, we want to deepen our knowledge and create positive impact together."

Marc Lauwers, Argenta CEO, confirms: "Proximity, open dialogue and sustainability are what characterise our ambitions as a Belgian bank-insurer. We are therefore proud to be able to expand our collaboration with Antwerp Management School, a leading business school in our own backyard, and involve our entire organisation. Thanks to Antwerp Management School's talent and network, we want to deepen our insights and continue to set the market in motion."

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