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Healthcare in Belgium

Healthcare in Belgium

Healthcare in Belgium

The Belgian medical system offers a very high level of healthcare. You don't have to worry when you get ill, you will get professional medical care. Medical staff usually speaks fluently English.

What about Covid 19? The Belgian hospitals had been very well prepared to treat corona patients. Every corona patient is being treated in a private room at intensive care. Even during the peak of the pandemic in March / April, Belgian intensive care units did not go over 50% of their maximum capacity.

Health insurance

Since your well-being is most important to us, we require you to have health insurance while studying at AMS. You will need to provide proof of this upon arrival by handing us a copy of your health insurance during your registration at AMS (on what we call “registration day”).

If you are a non-European student, you are required to have health insurance through AON.

If you are a European student, you can either use AON insurance or provide us a copy of your European Health Insurance Card (which you can request from your insurance company).

If you are a China-Europe Business student, please note that you need a separate insurance to go to China (both for EU and non-EU students). If you already have AON you can extend that existing insurance to cover you in China, or you can find another insurance that will provide a document saying you are covered. Please note your insurance should be valid until the end of June.