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On-campus Dutch classes

On-campus Dutch classes

On-campus Dutch classes

In collaboration with Linguapolis, Antwerp Management School offers on-campus Dutch courses for all Full-Time Master's students. It is an optional and tailor-made track, organized by Linguapolis, exclusively for our students.

Several AMS students build a career in Antwerp or Flanders after their studies, which is why basic knowledge of the Dutch language can be a great added value.

This course assumes no prior knowledge and brings students up to ECFR level A2. By the end of the course, students will be able to get by in everyday situations. They can introduce themselves, talk about their family, go shopping, meet up with friends, tell about the recent past and plan for the future, ...

Practical info

  • Classes are organized in the evenings: 2,5 hours per week for 24 weeks.
  • The course is taught at the AMS campus De Boogkeers.
  • We can admit a maximum of 22 participants.
  • Registrations are done by AMS and confirmed around mid-August.


At least 80% attendance in class is a prerequisite for participation in the exam. The final exam tests the 4 skills: speaking (40%), writing (40%), listening (10%) and reading (10%). The exam takes place during the last class. Those who pass receive a certificate. Linguapolis is a recognized NT2 provider: the certificate A2 is recognized within the framework of integration.