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Meeting other students

Meet your fellow students

Meeting students from all over the world is half of the fun of studying at an international school, and it's easier than you would think!

Through the Joinby app, you can start talking to your fellow students as soon as you are enrolled!

Connect with each other through interests like culture, hobbies, food or what program you're following. Post about an event you're hosting, or find events hosted by others through the 'Notice page'.

There are also plenty of opportunities to get to know other people at the start of the year and through the many activities and trips you'll go on!

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In collaboration with Linguapolis, Antwerp Management School offers on-campus Dutch courses for all Full-Time Master's students. It is an optional and tailor-made track, organized by Linguapolis, exclusively for our students.

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Alumni community

In this section, we shine a spotlight on our dynamic alumni community – a network that spans industries, continents, and diverse career paths. Discover how our graduates continue to make waves in the professional world and how you, as a future alumnus, can tap into this incredible resource.

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