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Student housing in Antwerp

What type of housing suits you?

There are a three types of student housing in Belgium: a regular dorm room, a studio dorm, or an apartment style dorm.

What's the difference between these types of housing?

  1. A dorm room is the most standard option. You have a room to yourself, while the kitchen and bathroom are usually shared with other people in the house. All dorms in Belgium are equipped with at least a sink in the room. There are also rooms that have a personal bathroom attached. On average, a dorm room in the center of Antwerp costs around €440.
  2. A studio dorm costs around €550 on average. This will get you a room with it’s own bathroom and kitchenette. As for furnishing, you can usually count on there being a bedframe, desk, bookcase/planks and sometimes even a couch. Some dorms offer the mattrass, others require you to bring your own. Check this in the description of the listing, or talk with the landlord.
  3. If you prefer to live a bit more luxurious and spacious, you can choose to rent an apartment. The price of an apartment in Antwerp is between €600 and €1500 a month. You can search for your preferred apartment, indicating surface, region and other preferences via the website of Immoweb

The additional costs, like water and electricity, are usually not included in the rent. The landlord will charge a certain amount every month to cover these costs. At the end of your rental period, you can expect an invoice with your total consumption. If this is less then the paid amount, you will be recompensated. If you used more, you will be charged for this.

Take into account that most rooms have 12-month contracts. Some landlords are flexible with leaving dates, for example if you find another tenant. This is not a guarantee though so make sure you discuss this with your landlord.

Don’t forget to prepare for your one time rental deposit at the beginning of your term. The standard lease on Kotweb stipulates a one-month rental deposit, but some landlords may ask for up to two months.

Dorm Room Stock

If you don’t want to rent a dorm without having seen it before, you can choose to stay in a hostel on arrival and start looking around yourself.

There are two peak periods to find a room in Belgium. The first one starts in late April and ends in June. The second peak comes in the first two weeks of September, after the second exam season, when students have received their grades. Because many students change programs and cities based on the results, there is a new surge in available rooms.

Through our student platform, Joinby, you can connect with current students and ask them to show their current housing, so you have a better idea of what to expect, or even check if you can take over their dorm or apartment once they leave. Or maybe you can already connect with new classmates and choose for a cohousing?

We kindly ask you to not contact the University of Antwerp for housing placement questions and instead reach out to us with your questions and concerns.


Let's get you started!

To get you started, we have consolidated some housing resources below. For your convenience, we do recommend you to search for a place close to AMS (located at Boogkeers 5, 2000 Antwerp).

Kotweb is the most obvious resource, they have the largest offer of student rooms in Antwerp., that meet the requirements regarding quality and (fire) safety, as imposed by the city of Antwerp. Besides, Kotweb uses the model contract, always trying to find the right balance between the tenant and landlord.


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If you don’t want to reserve a room in advance and prefer to look for one upon your arrival, we advise you to book a room in a youth hostel or a low budget hotel for the first nights of your stay in Antwerp.

Youth hotel Pulcinella

Vlaamse Jeugdherbergen

Hostel World


Boomerang Hostels

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