Real Estate Valuation


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This program is taught in Dutch

About the program

Since taxation is the basis for fundamental financial decisions and the crisis revealed taxation issues, clients now demand more quality and professionalism of taxation reports. Clients must be able to rely on the expertise of an assessor. In Real Estate Valuation you learn to work out taxations, make use of financial computing techniques and statistics. Attention will also be given to deontological aspects (cfr. RICS standards).

Learning objectives

After attending this program:

  • you are able to execute and asses the value of real estate objects and projects in an integrated manner;
  • you are able to execute feasibility and valuation assignments in Excel;
  • you are able to value real estate projects while keeping risk factors of uncertainty in mind;
  • you are able to give real estate advice with integrity and expertise;
  • you are able to analyze and assess the quality of a taxation.


Real Estate Valuation will teach you to analyze and develop valuations in a competent and professional manner.


Professionals with a university degree and at least 3 years of work experience in real estate.

Potential profiles of future participants are:

  • Investors, fund and capital managers, financiers, financial planners, corporate real estate managers, asset managers;
  • project and development managers, facility managers, land surveyors and estimators, engineers, architects, urban engineers;
  • real estate advisors, lawyers, business revisors, bookers, accountants, developers, contractors, real estate developers, notaries.


The certification ‘Real Estate Valuation’ will be awarded after successful participation in the evaluation, which is an oral exam including assignments.

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Need advice in selecting the right program? I'm here to help.


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Need advice in selecting the right program?
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