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Sustainable Supply Chain & Circular Economy

Sustainable Supply Chain & Circular Economy

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As the global economy becomes more connected and multinational supply chains become more complex, it is key to understand the impact on society and the environment. During this course, you will look into fair and inclusive supply chains and circular and sustainable supply chains. You will also learn about management systems, and how to report and measure fair and circular supply chains.

Why AMS?

What makes this course (which is a part of the masterclass 'Mastering Sustainable Transformation') so unique is that it finds its origin in the 'Chair on Sustainable Transformation'. This Chair supports AMS’ long-standing commitment to prepare future leaders to face global challenges and to be a positive force for change through business.

Curriculum & faculty

This course consists of four half-day online sessions. This are the topics: (1) What is shaping supply chains today, (2) Fair and inclusive supply chains, (3) Circular and sustainable supply chains and (4) Emerging management systems.

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A question about this program?