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Sustainable Transformation
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Sustainable change in Belgium (ING Belgium)

Sustainable Transformation

Sustainable change in Belgium (ING Belgium)

Sustainable Change Study conducted in collaboration with ING Belgium on the position and performance of Belgian companies in relation to sustainability.

Type project Bilateral research project
Project partners ING Belgium
Duration January 01, 2018 - December 31, 2018
Contact person Eva Geluk


The world is changing quickly and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. ING wants to help people stay one step ahead in life and in business. They want to help them turn the threats of climate change and fast-changing technology into opportunities. Because doing nothing is not an option. But where can ING have a real impact? As a bank, they believe their role is to facilitate and finance society’s shift to sustainability. In other words: facilitate environmental, economic, and social progress. They want to contribute to a low-carbon and self-reliant society. They believe it is important to enhance the understanding and implementation of sustainable transition.


ING and AMS partnered up to focus on how a business can successfully initiate its own sustainable transformation process. How can a company develop such processes and generate a positive impact on society and yet remain economically viable?


This study is a combination of academic research and testimonials from fellow entrepreneurs who already made the great leap forward. It is meant to inform and inspire business leaders to go for a sustainable transition.

Project development

    • What is the state of sustainable business in Belgium?
    • What motivates companies to engage in sustainability?
    • Which concrete actions are they taking?
    • Which barriers are they experiencing when implementing sustainability?
    • To what extent are they willing and able to align sustainability with their overall strategies?
    • And how do they expect sustainability to develop over the coming years?

    These are some of the questions that have guided the Sustainable Change Study conducted by Antwerp Management School in collaboration with ING Belgium on the position and performance of Belgian companies in relation to sustainability. The results were presented on June 7, 2018, during the ‘Sustainable Change in Belgium’ event at the ING Headquarters in Brussels.

    • Download the complete study
    • Download the booklet, which contains interviews with entrepreneurs and sustainability managers providing practical insights and suggestions for companies that want to start or accelerate their sustainability initiatives.
    • Download the infographic, showing the main findings in a compact and clear manner.

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