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Resilience index (Randstad)

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Resilience index (Randstad)

Resilience is a highly relevant and useful concept for society, organizations and individuals in these rapidly changing times. Furthermore, it has shown that there is a sound theoretical and applied foundation for the proposed ten elements of the Human Capital Future Resilience Index (to be launched in 2020).

Type project Future resilience
Project partners Randstad Belgium
Duration June 01, 2018 - June 01, 2021
Contact person Jan Beyne, PhD

This research project is part of the chair in sustainable transformation.


Resilience can be defined as “the capability and ability of an element to return to a stable state after a disruption” (Bhamra et al., 2011).

Resilience is a function of complex systems (Comfort et al., 2009; Fiksel, 2006) and can be applied at multiple levels, such as ecosystems (Bodin and Wiman, 2004; Brand, 2009), society (Allenby and Fink, 2005), communities (Norris, 2008), organizations (Barnett and Pratt, 2000; Starr et al., 2003) and individuals (Luthans et al., 2006; Powley, 2009).

As there is no existing definition yet about future resilience in relation to human capital and the way to measure it, we will explore related concepts to create our own Index of Human Capital Future Resilience.


We described ten derived elements of human capital future resilience, showing corroborating evidence from the literature review.

  1. Emergency preparedness
  2. Creative adaptability
  3. Technological empowerment
  4. Dynamic employability
  5. Diversity cultivation
  6. Participative governance
  7. Systemic responsiveness
  8. Resource efficiency
  9. Purposeful motivation
  10. Well-being orientation
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Jan beyne

A question about this project?

Function Assistant Professor Sustainability Management
Jan beyne

A question about this project?