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Support SDG strategy (Rosy Blue)

Sustainable Transformation

Support SDG strategy (Rosy Blue)

The Sustainable Transformation Lab collaborates with a Rosy Blue team to develop a strategic plan to integrate the SDGs into their operations.

Type project SDG Strategy
Project partners Rosy Blue
Duration January 01, 2019 - December 31, 2021
Contact person Jan Beyne, PhD

In this project we will investigate how Rosy Blue can further use the SDG's and strategically integrate them into their organization.

We will analyze Rosy Blue’s current SDG strategy, develop a benchmark of SDG leaders, provide support in stakeholder consultation and create academic output.

Course of the project

With this project we want to identify Rosy Blue’s SDG approach and strengthen it by applying steps of sustainable transformation.

  1. Identifying Rosy Blue’s SDG approach
    How do the SDGs relate to their current sustainability strategy?
  2. How does Rosy Blue relate to the SDG’s characteristics (i.e. integrated, indivisible, universal)?
  3. Transforming their CSR policy, transforming their business purpose, transforming the world
  4. How does Rosy Blue measure progress?
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Jan beyne

A question about this project?

Function Assistant Professor Sustainability Management
Jan beyne

A question about this project?