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Sustainable Transformation
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Main trends in the area of corporate social responsibility

Sustainable Transformation

Main trends in the area of corporate social responsibility

CSR Trend Report 2016 about important developments in CSR.

Type project Research project
Project partners Previous BASF Deloitte Elia Chair on Sustainability
Duration January 01, 2016 - January 01, 2017
Contact person Lars Moratis, PhD


The role of business in society has moved center stage in ways that will impact the years to come. Including both positive and negative events, there are many reasons to remember 2015 for CSR-related reasons.

To name two extremes: while we have witnessed the presentation of the Sustainable Development Goals that offer an inspirational and encompassing agenda for businesses worldwide to contribute to the amelioration of society, we also watched the Dieselgate scandal wreaking havoc. Each of these events urges businesses, governments, academics, and concerned citizens to reflect on what we value and how we are putting rhetoric into reality.


At Antwerp Management School, we are committed to engaging in the development of thought leadership and early trend detection in the field of sustainability. And if 2015 has illustrated anything, it is the importance of doing so. There are as many opportunities as there are crises in the business-society relationship and it is important to understand what is going on, but also to see where we are headed in this regard.


Against this background, we have embarked on the endeavor of identifying, analyzing, and interpreting CSR trends. This CSR Trend Reportis the result of this endeavor. The report aims to inform businesses and their stakeholders about important developments in CSR, inspire them to reflect on these trends and translate their implications into business practice.


The CSR trends identified in this report have been categorized under three interlinking CSR trend domains, each representing a different perspective on CSR thought and CSR practice:


Most of the identified trends represent interrelated developments and include observations and interpretations, but also some speculation

Download the rapport here and discover

  • trends in the CSR discourse
  • trends in CSR in business
  • CSR manager trends
  • the 20 main CSR trends
  • insights into the future of CSR

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A question about this project?

Lars Moratis, PhD


A question about this project?