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Sustainable Transformation
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Integrated value (Johnson & Johnson Benelux)

Sustainable Transformation

Integrated value (Johnson & Johnson Benelux)

The Sustainable Transformation Lab will develop and deliver a bilateral research project that will support the understanding of and progress toward sustainable transformation at J&J.

Type project Integrated value
Project partners Johnson & Johnson Benelux
Duration September 01, 2018 - September 01, 2021
Contact person Jan Beyne, PhD

For this project, we use the systems view on sustainability with the integrated value framework by Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser.

J&J wants to know the dynamic local, regional and global context that is shaping the company’s aspirations toward sustainable transformation. Through the assessment of the material sustainability issues the strategic positioning of J&J will be reviewed.

Course of the project

This project has four main research-related activities, the first three of which are related to Integrated Value Management (IVM). It also stipulates the development of an Executive Master Program.

1. Context Analysis: To assess the dynamic local, regional and global context that is shaping J&J’s aspirations toward sustainable transformation.

2. Stakeholder Assessment: To assess the material sustainability issues as perceived by J&J’s stakeholders and top management.

3. Leadership Review: To review J&J’s strategic positioning, to ensure alignment with the findings of the context analysis and stakeholder assessment.

4. Non-Financial Reporting: To review and if necessary, to revise J&J’s non-financial reporting to be in line with international best practices and the outcomes of research activities 1-3.

Executive Master Program

AMS will set up a process for content and program design by consulting faculty and other leading experts in program related themes. Feedback from J&J will be sought throughout the process to bring about co-creation of the program and ensure achievement of desired outcomes by J&J.

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Jan beyne

A question about this project?

Function Assistant Professor Sustainability Management
Jan beyne

A question about this project?