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Global best practices for sustainability (WZF)

Sustainable Transformation

Global best practices for sustainability (WZF)

Research on global best practices in sustainability in the pet industry.

Type project Sustainability best practices
Project partners WZF (Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer Fachbetriebe)
Duration June 01, 2019 - December 31, 2019
Contact person Jan Beyne, PhD

According to industry trends, the pet business will continue to boom. But how important are sustainable business practices in the pet industry? As organizer of Interzoo, WZF launched the Interzoo Sustainability Initiative in 2018. A first step was to gain feedback on the nature and extent of sustainability for the pet supplies industry and to identify best practices and challenges. Therefore, the AMS Sustainable Transformation Lab was commissioned to design, conduct and analyze a survey among 355 Interzoo exhibitors and visitors.

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From the survey, we can conclude that there’s a definite shift in the global psyche toward sustainable business practices. Most respondents indicate that sustainability issues will become extremely important in the next years both for the pet industry and their organization. But what are the best practices?

There’s still a need to share best practices of how companies in the pet industry can handle sustainability. Therefore, AMS and WZF are working on a best practice guide to sustainable development for the pet industry. It will provide answers to questions such as “What opportunities are available for companies in the sector to more actively meet the challenge of sustainability?”, and “What are the best practices in the pet industry in terms of sustainability, and how can industry players learn from each other?”

Course of the project

  • AMS did desk research on global trends in sustainability in the pet industry.
  • AMS carried out 10 interviews with a range of experts and practitioners on sustainability in the pet industry.
  • AMS selected three case studies to develop in more detail, including interviews with key representatives.
  • AMS turned the research findings into a Best Practices Guide on Sustainability for the Pet Industry.


With this guide, WZF wants to increase awareness and knowledge of best practices in the pet industry. The ultimate goal is to tackle challenges on animal welfare, improve partnerships, recognize the importance of tech innovations, and – why not – make the world a better place for people and animals.

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Jan beyne

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Function Assistant Professor Sustainability Management
Jan beyne

A question about this project?