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In-Company Projects

In-Company Projects

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Join forces with the next generation of leaders!

Could you use some support with a challenging business topic? In need for a specific market/sales/department/management analysis but no time to develop it? You can hire a team of our students to work full-time for your company during approximately 10 weeks. You can choose a managerial issue specific to your business , related to a specific field of expertise: China-Europe Challenges, HR, Air & Maritime Transport Management, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Internationalization, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Fashion.

The students will be coached by an academic promotor who is an expert in the field, academically aware of and up-to-date with the topic. Students will analyze the issue, draw conclusions and offer recommendations/optimization suggestions based on their findings.

What's in it for your company?

You can expect a thorough business report that consists of:

  • Clear defined problem statement and research questions
  • Followed steps & methodology
  • Analysis & results
  • Conclusion & practical advice
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Possible consultancy topics

Strategic and International Management

Local students and international students (from all over the world) are ready to examine any strategic issue that your company or organization is facing: evaluation of your strategic marketing position, development of new markets, marketing or investment challenges, market research and customer satisfaction studies, sector and industry analysis, etc.

Human Resources Management

Call on our HRM students to roll out an HR project or a specific HR related management issue such as competency & performance management, e-HR tools, lean HR, critical analysis of career development, exit interviews, innovative learning, absenteeism, audit of strategic HR processes, etc.

“We requested a project regarding the recruitment of nurses. We wanted to know how we rank in the market for future nurses, so our research was about the employer branding of Antwerp University Hospital. We’ve been working with AMS students for six years, so we’ve already had plenty of good experiences. They work with us very intensively for eight weeks. It’s a great period to really work out the assignment in detail.” Hildegard Hermans, HR Director @Antwerp University Hospital

Supply Chain Management

Our program in Global Supply Chain Management covers all kinds of logistics and supply chain challenges: from lean production to optimal transportation, efficient warehousing, location decisions, and much more. Students from this practice-oriented program can provide ready-to-use solutions for any type of supply chain issue.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

A team of entrepreneurial, creative and innovative master students will conduct a thorough analysis of your innovation challenges or market opportunity and deliver a comprehensive business plan (market research, finance, marketing, strategy, law, sales, pricing).

This project is different from the other consultancy projects, it is a venture building project. The students will work on your business case for a whole year and will deliver a full business report.

More information about venture building

"The young students bring new and fresh perspectives”

“The students certainly have dedication and drive. They are slightly younger than most consultants, so they bring newer and more modern insights. At the same time, they are very objective because they have not yet been contaminated by previous experiences, they approach the market with a fresh mind. After the market research they come up with several new insights, things we never thought of ourselves because we are sometimes too deep into our own activity.”


— Bert Vandenkendelaere, Sales & Marketing Director @Unilin Panels

First-hand experiences

Find out in this video how Pauline and Stef experienced their project and the benefits it gave to the company CHEP.

In the past, Algist Bruggeman, DHL, Fiets!, Horsten NV, Inovet, Nike, Samsonite, Unilin Panels, UZA and many more have already chosen for a team of our full-time master's students instead of consultants. And discovered the advantages...

Lara Moons, strategy and digitalization manager at Innovet, asked three students of the Master of Global Supply Chain Management to optimize three key transversal processes.

A few examples of our collaborations

Lies Mertens

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MASSOUD Abdul Foto

Want to know more about the in-company project?