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Innovation sprint

Innovation sprint

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If you are looking for a quick way to augment innovation in your company, running an innovation sprint with our students is the perfect solution. Our students are generation Z spirits who think outside the box. During three weeks, they will work full-time on your innovation project: they will challenge the status quo and transform new fresh ideas into business proof solutions. Throughout the entire process they will be coached by design thinking & innovation experts.


In a design workshop, our design thinking experts will define the innovation challenge together with your company. During three weeks, the students of our Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship will closely work together with other young potentials – strategic designers from POLI.design, a prestigious design school in Milan – to generate new business concepts. Throughout the entire process, they will be coached and challenged by our design thinking experts. These experts are business coaches and will be present during all briefings. You will receive minimum 5 reports of innovative products or service concepts, which you can effectively embed in your strategy.

What is the innovation sprint? What is the added value for companies?  

AMS Innovation Sprint


What can you expect? Discover the process and the cases of Air France KLM and Samsonite 

Abdul Massoud

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