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Talent partnerships

Talent partnerships

Talent partners are organizational recruiting partners for full-time master’s students. Over the course of the academic year, we will work closely with you to promote your organization’s profile, putting you in the picture and thus boosting your employer branding significantly.

There are various ways you can work in partnership with our career center to make your organization known to all AMS high potential students:

  • participate in one of our two job AMS fairs;
  • publish your company profile in our online career center: share all your company information on one page and automatically highlight all job postings and events;
  • get access to our CV talent bank of recent full-time master's alumni;
  • share opportunities in your company with the AMS full-time master's alumni;
  • organize a company visit, give a company presentations, case workshop or a business game;
  • generate extra visibility by adding your logo on the corporate partners section at AMS' website.

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Career fair

Thomas Nuyts, Area Manager at Hudson, tells you why and how Hudson benefits from building a strong relationship with our top graduating students.

Career Center partners

The AMS Career Center co-designs and delivers its 10-month intensive career education curriculum together with 7 partners, with whom we have a long standing relationship. These HR partners are highly engaged to facilitate the career journey of our graduates, in many different ways (coaching, workshops, info sessions, mock interviews, career orientation platforms, …), both during and after their study at AMS.

Our 7 partners are:

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