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3 trends for a sustainable HR policy
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Human Resources

3 trends for a sustainable HR policy

As an HR manager, it is increasingly expected that you know the 'business' and help realize the strategy. While innovations and trends follow each other in rapid succession, it is a matter of implementing a sustainable HR policy, based on flexibility, dialogue and win-win solutions.

(This webinar is in Dutch.)
by Lou Van Beirendonck, PhD, Peggy De Prins, PhD, Ans De Vos, PhD | September 28, 2022
Trends duurzaam HR beleid resized

We help you identify the relevant trends. During this webinar, we explain three current HR topics, supported by the latest insights and research results.

1. How to make strict selections in a tight labor market (Prof. Dr. Lou Van Beirendonck).

2. Stimulate curiosity (Prof. Dr. Ans De Vos)

3. Invest in a culture of continuous listening (Prof. Dr. Peggy De Prins)

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