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Beyond the buzzword: efficient and participatory…
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Beyond the buzzword: efficient and participatory organizational design

Organizational structures often grow organically: according to needs, new teams are formed, additional managers are appointed, processes are rolled out, etc. This goes well for a while until you realize and experience that the puzzle pieces no longer fit together seamlessly.

Intervening in structures causes a lot of cold feet among managers. After all, how do you know which model is the best fit for your company? There are 1001 possibilities and it rains buzzwords like squad, scrum, guild, agile or self-managing teams. However, with focused, efficient and participatory structure design, you will transform your organization into a strong strategic player.

(This webinar is in Dutch.)
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by Seth Maenen, PhD | May 31, 2023
Participatief organisatiedesign 1

In summary:

During this webinar, lecturer and organizational sociologist Seth Maenen talks with experience experts Toon Kalhöfer and Benny Corvers of Bureau Bouwtechniek. We zoom in on:

  • the importance of organizational structure for strategy execution and collaboration;
  • symptom recognition of an organization in need of restructuring;
  • balance between people and organization, strategy and structure;
  • do's-And-don'ts of organizational redesign, based on professional experiences of guest speakers.

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