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Dealing with resistance to change ... and the…
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Omgaan met weerstand

Dealing with resistance to change ... and the change manager

Organizational change often evokes resistance. If you don't intervene in time, that resistance to change can even turn into resistance to the change agent. It is therefore crucial for a change manager to pick up the signals quickly: Where and why does emotional resistance arise? How can you detect it, reduce or even avoid it? And how do you maintain the trust of your employees and teams?

(This webinar is in Dutch.)
AMS Ron 4
by Ron Meyer, PhD | May 17, 2023
Omgaan met weerstand

In summary:

During this webinar, you will be introduced to five sources of emotional resistance. For each source you will get tips and tricks to take the sting out of resistance, illustrated by real-life change cases.

After this webinar you will have:

  • a better understanding of the five sources of emotional resistance;
  • practical tools to reduce and/or prevent resistance;
  • insight into how to maintain trust as a change manager.

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