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DEME on its transition from dredging company to…
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DEME on its transition from dredging company to infrastructure firm for green transition.

This is episode 8 of the series 'Trends Gamechangers'.

The Trends Impact Podcast takes you on an exciting journey through the environmental and societal achievements of companies making a positive impact on our planet. Over nine episodes, winners and nominees of the Trends Impact Awards 2022 share their stories. The host is Britt Buseyne, a Trends columnist and founder of the podcast Sustainababbels. In each episode, an expert from Antwerp Management School provides analysis and background.

DEME began 145 years ago as a dredging company but has evolved over the past decades into a comprehensive provider of sustainable solutions for global challenges. In addition to existing activities in offshore energy, environmental remediation, and maritime structures, the listed contractor aims to be a pioneer in the field of green hydrogen in the future.

The Trends Impact Podcast is an initiative by Trends and Antwerp Management School. The Trends Impact Awards are organized by Trends and PWC, in collaboration with Antwerp Management School.

This podcast is in Dutch.
by Ewald Van den Auwelant, Jiska Verhulst | October 17, 2023

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