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Mutual authenticity
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Human Resources

Mutual authenticity

With this podcast, consisting of 4 episodes, we pay tribute to sustainable HR consulting. Each time, 1 'must have' will take center stage. Our goal? To inspire students, professionals and clients and provide insights that will help them build sustainable partnership relationships.
If you acknowledge the four must haves from our podcasts and apply them in practice, it becomes clear that HR consultancy is an honorable métier with a lot of added value for the client and the business and also a métier in which you can work with a lot of HR passion and satisfaction.
Central question: when and why does HR consulting work in practice? And what makes HR consultancy an honorable profession?
This is episode 4 of the series 'Ode aan de HR consultant'.
(This podcast is in Dutch)
Peggy de prins phd
by Peggy De Prins, PhD | February 17, 2020
AMS Peggy Bieke Wederzijdse echtheid resized

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