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Master Class Change Management
Why AMS?

Master Class Change Management - Why AMS?

Why AMS?

1. Expertise in change management.

Our faculty have many years of experience in the field of change management and combine academic research with hands-on applications.

2. Educational expertise.

You will have a stimulating learning journey, combining insightful presentations with discussions, real life cases and simulations.

3. Inspiring peers

The core modules of our EMBA provide you with a solid general management education, covering the entire range of management functions and business disciplines being used by millions of companies around the globe.

4. Situational approach.

Every change is unique and demands a different approach, depending on the circumstances. At AMS we don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, but we empower you to deal with each unique situation in the right way.

5. Strategic approach.

Being an effective change manager is like being a skillful carpenter: you need to master the tools, but you also need to understand the overall process and keep track of the results you want to achieve. At AMS we will hand you both a strategic mindset and practical tools.

6. People-centric

Organizational change also requires individual people to change. So, you will need to take into account political and cultural aspects as well. This Master Class will hand you the right tools and levers to do so.

7. Great environment.

The program takes place at our brand-new building in the center of Antwerp, with its inspiring vibe and state-of-the-art facilities.

8. Flexibility

The program consists of several modules. You can either follow the whole program or select one or more modules.

9. Non-residential

The schedule is designed to let participants go home every night. If more convenient, though, participants can stay overnight.

“During the program I learned how to approach change management methodically, and how to deal with resistance and make change processes more inspiring. This was made possible thanks to the interaction with the professors and fellow participants, and to the limited number of participants.”

— Koen de Koker, Ducroire/Deicredere

“This program opens your eyes to see change! You get a lot of theoretical knowledge, but there is plenty of opportunity to share your experiences with your fellow participants as well. You go home with the right tools to tackle both big and small change projects. On top of that you get a chance to expand your network with new contacts. A definite recommendation from me!”

— Ann Ponnet, OCMW Heist-op-den-Berg

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A question about this program?

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A question about this program?