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17/10, 28/11, 09/02/2023, 06/03/2023, 08/05/2023, 26/06/2023

Classes from 1:30 to 5:30 pm

*Antwerp Management School closely monitors the state of affairs regarding the coronavirus. Read more. All our courses are structured in such a way that they can easily be converted into virtual lessons. This way we guarantee that the sessions can take place; online and/or on our campus. If it is necessary to guarantee the quality, data will be adjusted.


The ‘Leadership program for the public and social profit sector’ is part of the Postgraduate Degree Public and Social Profit Management. This postgraduate program consists of 5 modules, which can be attended separately, as well as a personal leadership course:

In addition, there are also two sector-specific modules that you can follow as an extra or as a replacement for 1 of the modules 2, 3 or 4:

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Learning objectives

Reinforcement of your 'leadership mindset' and your leadership claim as a public manager through:

  • Insight into the meaning of leadership, the evolutions in leadership and how leadership develops
  • Reinforcement of your self-awareness as a leader
  • Insight into the essential mechanisms of leadership: trust, authenticity & political action, and sharing of leadership
  • Reinforcement of your attentive and open-minded presence
  • Shaping and delivering of your own leadership story


Our experienced faculty will assist your during this program and will help grow the reputation of the program and of Antwerp Management School thanks to our constant educational and networking activities and our continuous outstanding ranking.